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Nokia 3310 TA-1030 White Display – TA-1030 white display solution



Nokia 3310 TA-1030 Blank Display

Nokia 3310 TA-1030 Blank or white LCD solution

TA-1030 White Display. Nokia 3310 phone you have a lot of problems with the general display that your display does not come in because we can not find the thing because of a small problem due to a little problem your phone’s display is white. 

How can we solve this problem? How can we solve our white display black display problem? Let’s discuss this in detail and try to solve the problem.

And with this solution of mine you will be able to work with absolute certainty and you will be successful because I am testing all of these and I have given the customer the problems that we have. You can do things very easily.

Nokia 3310 TA-1030 White Display

 Why this problem usually occurs Nokia TA-1030 lcd blank?

  • This problem mainly comes after your phone is water damaged.
  • If the mobile falls out of hand, then all the things come in this regard.
  • And sometimes our phone unknowingly comes inside our mobile.


By looking at this picture, you can draw the line with just a little jumper. You can do the job beautifully. Thank you all and if you have any problem, let us know in the comments or by e-mail.

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